Sunday, September 21st 2003

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Monday, September 15th 2003

Happy Birthday!
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Saturday was Megablog’s first birthday. I have been workingworkingworking constantly, so haven’t had a chance to post any sort of special birthday thing. Lisa likes to repost the 10 best posts from the previous year as an anniversary thing, and I might do something like that.

Right now, though, there are two things I’m thinking about a lot, in addition to my cluttered schedule and how I’m going to get anything else done, ever: 1., My job at the bike shop, which has been really a lot better–rather a dream job, in fact–since late July when I got groped by a customer and subsequently received more support and kindness than I thought possible there, is about to disappear, and I’m pretty sad about that. 2., After my fairly recent postings about sexual fantasies and multiple conversations with girlfriends about them and about related sexual topics, I have discovered that I don’t seem to think about or pursue sex the same way that the women I know do. I thought this would be one of the few areas governed by biology and sexual differences in neurology, so therefore I would have more in common with women than with men (often true with the biological things, but rarely with the social/learned ones), but apparently that is not the case. I’ve been feeling like I’m sort of abnormal when I have felt for most of my life that my sexual tendencies were entirely normal and healthy.

So I’ve got plenty of material going into Year Two. I promise to expound soon!