Monday, April 4th 2005

Molto brutto
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I don’t usually have time to post two days in a row, but for certain occasions, I make the time. I’ll skip the rant ramp-up about injustice and horror this time and go straight to the source of my consternation: the new Bugatti. If you haven’t gotten a look at the EB 16.4 Veyron yet, and don’t mind damning your eyes before you finish reading this post, here is the clock-stoppingly fugly beast.

Now, the EB218, shown in Geneva in 1999 was bad enough. It looked like the Lexus’ ugly cousin from Schenectady. But of all the ways to do violence to a Diablo chassis, rolling it off a cliff would be kinder. $1.3 million for that eyesore. If you show up with that kind of money, you should come away with beauty and exhiliration, not the sinking feeling of going home with something that’s going to make you want to chew your shifting arm off to get away. Oh, wait. You can’t! Because it has PADDLE SHIFTERS. You need both hands to shift. The Veyron is double-coyote for sure.

This is what happens when Germans take over in Italy: everything goes to hell. No more joy and laughter, no more sensuous delight, just violence, oppression and ugliness. If this is the alternative, give me beauty with crappy wiring any day.

Sunday, April 3rd 2005

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