Sunday, November 20th 2005

A Zen Buddhist would be proud of my office
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So I have my first honest-to-God, full-time, “permanent” job (what the hell is a permanent job anymore? 2 years? 5?), and therefore, my very first real office. Because I have been in graduate school, or about to go back to graduate school, for the vast majority of my adult life, my jobs have been temporary, and/or part-time. More recently, as I have been maturing in both years and perceived status, “part-time” has been called “adjunct.” I know, fancy… you know, like the mixed nuts that have cashews.

Because I have never had an office before, though, I have no office stuff, and because I haven’t gotten around to breeding yet, no conceptual waxy scrawls that might or might not be upside-down, either. So it’s all blank and cavernous in there. It literally echoes. I got a few things for it this weekend, and I rounded up any stray National Geographic maps we had kicking around. I think maps are great for cheap decorating, and good ones count as art. I hope to stem the tide of “Geez, it’s empty in here” (yes, I know it’s empty in here. Thanks for pointing that out) with free maps. Wish me luck.

Sunday, November 6th 2005

Protected: I drove myself crazy
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