Sunday, August 24th 2008

Dr. Meg tomorrow
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Another series of terrible advice hits the airwaves tomorrow. We’re preempted a bit by convention coverage, so we’ll be on KGNU (where you can listen online if you’re so inclined) from 1 - 3 p.m. Mountain Time. I believe we’ll also be having a comedic guest who will no doubt be asking Dr. Meg a difficult lifecoaching question. Tune in!

Saturday, August 9th 2008

The spectacle!
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Did you see the opening ceremonies for the Olympics last night? Eeeyow, they were amazing! I’ve never seen anything like it, and apologies to all Brittania, but they are SO not going to be able to do anything anywhere near that cool. Probably nobody will. A lot of really sweet, moving moments, too, like the little guy who saved some of his classmates during the earthquake walking alongside Yao Ming while they led the home team’s procession: the biggest national hero and the smallest.

President Asshat was of course in attendance, looking like a bored, sprawled out 14-year-old while the rest of the world leaders present didn’t take their jackets off in the incredible heat, and yet remained fresh, dignified and cheerful. Fortunately, the First Lady has some class, and remained alert and smiling the whole time. He was the only person there who looked like he didn’t want to be there, including Putin, who had just gotten into a shooting war with Georgia. If he could manage to show up and be a proud spectator with every reason in the world not to, seriously, what the F, President Asshat?!

Initially, the American team looked sort of subdued, as if they didn’t know how the world would receive them, what with our asshat of a leader and all, but they got a very warm welcome indeed, and quickly got into the celebratory spirit. It was a nice moment, like the world understood. “Sorry, world–our bad! We had no idea he was going to be that terrible. Wait ’til you see what we do to make it up to you (and ourselves) though! We’re all going to love this next guy.”

Speaking of the next guy, I gotta say, I am really enjoying McCain’s negative ads. Not only does he always look like a bitter old tufted snapping turtle, but he keeps showing the world chanting for Obama, who looks radiant and joyful. Man, does McCain not get it. America is starved for hope and joy, we’re sick to death of agendas like his, and nothing puts young voters off like negative campaigning. Seriously, they don’t care about peccadilloes, or homosexuality, or checkered pasts, and they can forgive a lot. It’s not being able to be nice to other people that makes them queasy politically. Keep it up, tufty! We owe the world a real leader.