Thursday, October 16th 2008

Apparently, I am the only person in the world for whom Johnny Depp does absolutely nothing
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Why is everyone so hot for Johnny Depp? I mean, I don’t find him repugnant or anything, and he’s become a perfectly lovely actor. He just doesn’t do a damn thing for me–never has–and I seem to be utterly alone in that. It’s possible that my lack of sexual attraction to Johnny Depp may keep me from obtaining certain employment, or funding, or university placements overseas, or even from some meaningful friendships and partnerships. So be it, but to continue in silence is so oppressive, I feel I must speak out. I just don’t feel like tearing off a piece o’ that. I’m Meg, and I’m not attracted to Johnny Depp. (Hiiii Meeeeeg…)

Saturday, October 11th 2008

A long-overdue post
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So I haven’t been posting much. So sue me. No, wait–don’t sue me. Just kvetch and moan like you usually do, okay? Court sucks. Actually, a lot of things suck–which is why I haven’t had too much to say lately: too much suckiness. Discussing it here is too dramatic or exhibitionistic or something. So I’m going to talk about what’s good.

  • I’m modeling at an expo this weekend–that’s kind of fun.

  • I’m up for a really interesting freelance writing job that I wicked hope I get. The heck of it is, if I do get it, I really won’t be able to talk about it, because it comes with a confidentiality agreement (not that I mind–I’m good at keeping secrets). I’ll just say it’s a neat project and it should keep me busy for a while.

  • I brought my outdoor plants inside so they won’t freeze, and they’re nice to have in here.

  • Ironfeather, DJ and host of the show where Dr. Meg makes appearances, has suggested syndicating Dr. Meg, and I’m keen to try it.

  • I’ve been spending time with good friends–often watching zombie movies. I feel that my previously lacking zombie education (all those years writing the diss, no doubt) is coming along nicely.

  • The cats are all doing well.

  • This is my favorite time of year, and I’m enjoying getting reacquainted with my extensive collection of sweaters.

  • I seem to have kicked the nasty cold I had a week or so ago.

  • I had a dance performance last weekend that went fine.

  • My courses are all going along well, and I have a lot of cool students this term–of that variety that make teaching fun and rewarding.

I’m sure there’s other stuff. I’ll keep coming up with it…