Sunday, April 19th 2009

Evil lair restaffing
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It’s been a couple of years since I staffed the Evil Lair of Dr. Hellspawn. Here’s the original call for minions, and here’s the preliminary staff list. The Evil Valet position was later filled by John B. Evil. If you’re interested in the Evil Lair, here is another hilarious posting about it. Seriously, it should come with a snarf warning: Do Not Ingest Liquids While Reading This Post, As Its Extreme Hilarity Will Likely Cause Said Liquids To Exit Through Nasal Cavity. Do Not Ingest. Do Not Stuff Into Light Socket, Well, Really Anything. Read At Your Own Risk.

While much of the original staff is still in place, unfortunately, some individuals have become a little incommunicative, or even in some tragic cases, less evil. I am therefore pleased to announce that the Evil Lair is once again accepting applications. Please submit your interest and qualifications to the comment window below. The Evil Lair is an equal opportunity employer.