Thursday, December 23rd 2010

AGAIN?! Really?!
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Oh yeah: jury duty.

Wednesday, December 1st 2010

A holiday tradition I hope doesn’t catch on: Getting mauled by cats
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I had a delightful Thanksgiving, except for the part where a friend’s cat showed me his Mike Tyson impression. You already know that I’m like Snow White in that animals freakin’ love me, and I’ve been known to pet domesticated and wild animals alike. So when I was at the home of friends for Thanksgiving, I was not surprised when their cat was nuzzling and licking my face, and giving me little cat smoochies.

However, I was quite surprised when he suddenly flipped out, becoming a furry rotating spheroid of death. In this way, he took out a tiny piece of my ear, giving me some sympathy for Evander Holyfield. So I had a Band-Aid (TM) along the upper curve of my ear for a few days, because anything brushing against that sensitive spot really hurt. Then, a couple of nights ago, my beloved Petra stepped on my head while I was sleeping, and got her claw caught in the same ear, less than an inch from the previous cat mauling. Ah, the pain and damage caused by two small housecats.

My left ear is finally healing up, though. Season’s Greetings!